Strain Gauges

Installation kits with gauges, digital Strain Bridge instruments, gauge installation and wiring, load cells and proving rings.

Digital Strain Bridge

16 channel expandable.

For 120 and 350 ohm gauges in quarter, half and full bridge arrangements.

Proving ring with stand for load cell calibration

Computer unit shown in an industrial rack

The unit is 6U high for a standard 19 inch rack and has a 15,6” colour LCD with LED backlight ( 1368 x 720 resolution).

Designed to work with PiB and forward to current Pi4, compute module and motherboard.

The panel can be made to take other single board computers including Intel based items.

The unit has 2 external USB ports and ethernet. 24v DC input required.

Optional filter / fan, power supplies and signal conditioning boards can be supplied and fitted.

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